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(1) Payment Method

- Stores in Tokyo Fashion Wholesale Town basically offer wholesale trading in cash (Japanese yen).

- Come to the stores, select the products you want and pay in cash. Most wholesale stores in the area do not accept credit cards.
(2) Sales Tax

- Unlike general retail stores in Japan, most wholesale stores do not include sales tax in their price listing. Sales tax is added to the price and other service charges upon payment.

- Tokyo Fashion Wholesale Town is not a tax-free zone. Overseas buyers must pay the whole cost including sales tax.
(3) Tax Refunds and International Delivery

- Stores cannot arrange sales tax refunds or international delivery. For detailed information on these, please consult an export agency. (Stores with an "export assistance" sticker in their window can refer you to an export agency.)
(4) Verification

- Because target customers are traders, it will help to ensure a smooth transaction if you can show a verifiable document of your trading business.

- Some stores have an "entry card" system. You cannot enter such stores without a special entry card.

- Some stores may let you register for an entry card on your first visit. Please ask the store staff for details.
(5) Town Map

- A map of Tokyo Fashion Wholesale Town is available at the offices of the two wholesalers' organizations, the Tokyo Tonya Renmei (TTR) and the Yokoyama-cho Houshikai (YH).

- The map shows where stores are located and what kind of products they handle.
(6) Service Coupons

- Stores belonging to either the Tokyo Tonya Renmei or the Yokoyama-cho Houshikai issue service coupons based on how much you spend, except with certain products.

- You can use these coupons to participate in lotteries for cash prizes or spend them at various restaurants etc. in the area.

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