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Two wholesalers' organizations jointly operate a service coupon system to stimulate business in the area. The Tokyo Tonya Renmei (TTR) issues service coupons called "renmei service-ken" and the Yokoyama-cho Houshikai (YH) issues coupons called "houshi-ken". Vendors belonging to either organization issue coupons depending on how much you spend, except with certain products. The two service coupons have different names but can be used in exactly the same way, so take advantage of this increasingly popular coupon system!
How to get service coupons
- At sales* you get a five-point coupon for every ¥5,000 you spend (1% of purchase).
- At special sales** you get a ten-point coupon for every ¥5,000 you spend (2% of purchase).

*Sales : Most Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
**Special sales : Several Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays a month
How to use service coupons
Both "renmei service-ken" and "houshi-ken" coupons can be used in the same way.
(1) Enter a lottery - Try your luck!
- After collecting 300 points in service coupons, you can enter a lottery. You need 60 points per entry. For example, 300 points = 5 entries, 360 points = 6 entries, etc.
- All lottery prizes are cash (Japanese yen).
- Lotteries only take place on sale and special sale days. To take part, visit the office of either the Tokyo Tonya Renmei or the Yokoyama-cho Houshikai.
(2) Exchange for a check
- After collecting 3,150 points in service coupons, you can exchange them for a ¥30,000 check. An extra 105 points gives you ¥1,000. For example, 3,150 points = ¥30,000, 3,255 points = ¥31,000, etc.
- Visit the Tokyo Tonya Renmei office or the Yokoyama-cho Houshikai office to exchange your coupons for a check
(3) Spend in nearby stores
- You can spend service coupons at designated parking lots, restaurants, cafes and hotels in the wholesale district. Note that although some establishments accept both "houshi-ken" and "renmei service-ken" coupons, others accept only one or the other.
- One point = ¥10. For example, 5 point coupon = ¥50, 10 point coupon = ¥100, etc.
- Service coupons cannot be used for buying wholesale products.
Expiry date
Each service coupon is printed with an expiry date set by the tax authorities. The service coupon will become invalid after that date, so please check carefully before use.

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